Remembering Madiba

Nelson Mandela Square continues to remember the legacy of Nelson Mandela, while educating and inspiring visitors about South Africa’s first democratically elected president and humanitarian.

In October 2020, the Square launched its permanent exhibition, Remembering Madiba.

Remembering Madiba is an engaging showcase of Nelson Mandela’s life and times, which offers visitors an inside look into the iconic moments that shaped his life: sharing all the struggles he overcame, and the triumphs he achieved in the journey he forged for South African freedom.

Remembering Madiba is made up of several elements that all contribute to sharing the story of this incredible man.

In addition to the iconic 6-metre bronze statue of Nelson Mandela towering over the Square, the Rotary Club statue commissioned for the blind alongside it, the iMadiba micro-museum in the shape of his prison cell in Robben Island, and the Madiba Timeline Wall, Nelson Mandela Square further entrenches itself as a culture hub, echoing Madiba throughout its renowned space. From the tiles on the floor, the high-standing walls, to the fountain at the heart, Remembering Madiba is displayed at every touch point.


Remembering Madiba is an experimental and engaging exhibition. Here, guests are invited to make use of the QR codes provided to view Madiba’s iconic speeches, displayed against the backdrop of falling water, listen to Madiba’s words of wisdom, encouragement and honour, and learn more about his life through the interactive touch screens.


Displayed against the backdrop of falling water, Madiba’s iconic “No Easy Walk to Freedom” speech can be viewed. This speech was prepared for the Presidential address to the ANC Transvaal Congress on 21 September 1953. At the time of the address, Nelson Mandela was banned and this speech was read out for him by fellow ANC member, Robert Resha, and serves as both a historical document and an emotive memoir that will echo through the ages.


Guests are taken back to 20 April 1964, where Nelson Mandela’s statement from the dock at the opening of the defence case in the Rivonia Trial, held at the Pretoria Supreme Court, can be heard.  Madiba’s words of wisdom, encouragement and honour can be accessed with ease for guests to engage with. Several important and memorable 2-minute extracts have been selected from his statement and cover:

  • Leading Umkonto We Sizwe
  • Freedom acquired through violence or non-violence
  • Killing in SA
  • Division of the ANC and its objectives
  • Inequality
  • I am prepared to die