Sandton Central

Enhancing the physical and social environment of the Sandton hub

The Sandton Central Management operates within the boundaries of Sandton Drive and Katherine Street into Wierda Road East and West, up West Street, along Rivonia Road and including Grayston Drive.

The Sandton Central Management District is home to three improvement districts:

  • The Sandton City and Convention Centre Improvement District (SCMD)
  • The Sandton Business Improvement District (SBID)
  • The Wierda Valley Management District

Sandton Central’s services are based on international best practice principles to elevate a node into something exceptional. The work they do can be defined on two levels:

  • The first level focuses on securing the improvement of the district and creating a safe, clean and well-managed environment. Sandton Central employs a team of 70 public safety ambassadors and 27 cleaning staff, 24/7. ‘The Men in Red’, as they are affectionately known, are the front line of the improvement district, setting the example that Sandton Central is a managed public space.
  • The second level of Sandton Central’s management process focuses on branding, marketing and improving the overall image of the business district through place marketing, collaborative promotional strategies, the use of a public art programme, market research and working with the media.

For more information, please contact:

CID Manager
Elaine Jack
011 217 6037 or 083 555 5289
Email: [email protected]